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Our Beacon Beam One program in the Bronx is proud to announce their partnership with The Brown Girl Fan Club.

Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month

The Brown Girl Fan Club Program is designed to provide youth a platform for empowerment and self awareness, to inspire and produce leaders as role models and to instill community service and outreach initiatives.

The program offers 2-hour workshops every Friday, to young girls in the community, where they can learn, build confidence and character, and enjoy unique activities.

“We will do a confidence boosting activity called Mirror, we ask the young ladies to look in the mirror and tell us what they see. We'll look at goal setting (in one activity) what you want to achieve, and how to commit. We'll also talk about anti-bullying,” said Pamela J Liggins, Director/Owner at OBG Brown Girl.

We are grateful for our mentors at The Brown Girl Fan Club. You are changemakers.

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