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Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month

School leaders and educators at Beacon Beam One in Middle School 224 & 343 incorporated nutritional cooking and baking habits into a curriculum for the holiday season in order to foster a healthy and positive environment where kids develop important life skills preparing delicious and healthy meals they’ll want to eat, share and feel good about.

The inspiration behind the holiday cook arts studios was to give the kids another creative way of creating art through food. Many of the students are always talking about the experiences they have had with cook arts in our program past, so we decided to introduce it back to them this holiday season.

“I enjoyed baking apple and cherry pies today, I’m excited to try it at home with my family,” said Mekhi (6th grade).

“I love cooking and baking, and it is an artsy passion to share with our participants! It brings an intimacy back to our program that allows the participants a moment of normalcy despite the way we are living today,” says Ms. Forbes, Education Specialist.

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